Food & Nutrition Assistance

Onyxx Village Connection

OVC provides a free community food program for all StreetCode students and families. Pick-Up happens Monday-Thursday at Saint Francis of Assisi Church, 1425 Bay Road from 12:30 – 1:30 PM.

Hand In Hand

Serving the community by centralizing & providing essential health and nutrition services to combat food insecurity.

health & Medical assistance

Ravenswood Family Health Network

Providing culturally sensitive, integrated primary and preventative health care to all, regardless of ability to pay or immigration status, and collaborating with community partners to address the social determinants of health.


Samaritan House

We mobilize the resources of our community to help those among us who are in need by working together to provide food, access to shelter, healthcare, and a broad range of supportive services and leading neighbors out of poverty to hope and opportunity.


Able Works

Provide knowledge, skills and assets needed to break free of poverty and oppression to help individuals navigate their path to economic mobility for highly motivated, but under-resourced youth and young mothers.



Connecting you to essential life services, retraining opportunities and onward to your next job opportunity.


Mission Asset Fund

MAF is located in San Francisco’s vibrant Mission District, a neighborhood known for its street festivals, colorful murals, and super burritos. It’s home to cooks, house cleaners, and small business owners who dream of someday sending their kids to college or owning a home. But without bank accounts or credit histories, everyday activities like paying bills or renting an apartment can be a daunting challenge.

MAF was founded in 2007 when the Levi StraussFoundation and a dynamic group of community leaders came together and imagined a different future for Mission residents. They founded our organization using a million-dollar investment funded by the sale of the last Levi Strauss denim factory in San Francisco. With a little creativity, they hoped that everyone in the community could have a chance to reach their dreams, one step at a time.

Immigrant Legal Resource Centre

Working with and educating immigrants, community organizations, and the legal sector to help build a democratic society that values diversity and the rights of all people.

United We Dream

When you’re undocumented, you face a lot of discrimination, and that creates a lot of fear. At United We Dream, we transform that fear into finding your voice. We empower people to develop their leadership, their organizing skills, and to develop our own campaigns to fight for justice and dignity for immigrants and all people. This is achieved through immigrant youth-led campaigns at the local, state, and federal level.

Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Silicon Valley

SCORE Silicon Valley offers FREE business advice, small business workshops, and numerous templates and tools to help you start or grow a business.