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Demo Day
Summer 2021

Celebrating Innovation for Everyone

Monday | August 2, 2021 | 6pm PST via Zoom

Learning and growth matter.
Accomplishments matter.
Celebrations matter.

Join us for Summer demo day!

Demo Day is our seasonal event at StreetCode where we give our community the opportunity to celebrate our students’ accomplishments. And there is so much to celebrate!

We have had over 300 students this quarter expanding their skills and mindsets, including four-year-olds coding original games, 11-year-olds developing new apps, and grandparents creating their own websites and businesses. 

It matters for you to see this. When we bear witness to the genius in our own community, our recognition helps to grow it even bigger, beyond the borders of East Palo Alto.

Come be inspired. 

Come make a connection. 

Come be a part of the change.  

We hope you will join us for Demo Day on Monday, August 2 at 6pm PST over Zoom. We want you to see, meet, and celebrate a new generation of tech leaders.

Demo Day RSVP


6:00–6:30 Announcements & Accomplishments

6:30–7:15 Live Student Presentations

7:15–7:30 Feedback & Closing Remarks


StreetCode is powered by people. We welcome you to join us as a mentor, a donor, or a student. Give the gift of knowledge by spreading the word
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