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SF Game Development feat: Unity & OneSignal

Tuesday, January 24, 2023
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5:30 PM
In this talk, lean from Senior Unity Developer Advocate Mark Schoennagel, who will take you on an exciting tour of the Enemies cinematic inside the Unity Editor explaining in detail how many of the amazing visual effects were achieved in this cinematic showing off the latest in Unity's Digital Human Toolkit. You see firsthand how the new real-time hair system was used to create the incredibly realistic hairstyle our protagonist is featuring. You will also get a look at the updated HDRP eye shader which now includes caustics and other new features for additional realism. Other new technologies like the skin tension solver for realistic wrinkles and blood flow maps, how ray tracing was implemented for physically accurate reflections, ambient occlusion, and global illumination. Time permitting, we will also see how the 4D capture of the actress's facial performance was turned into a fully AI-driven lightweight Ziva puppet. If you are interested in Digital Humans or cutting-edge real-time animation this is one demo you won't want to miss!!