Imani Tahira Hopkins is a Bay Area native. She is a multi-medium creative artist, educator and advocate for people. She graduated California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Dance and a minor in humanities. Her experience spans live-performance art, teaching, ministry, photography, videography, and digital content creation. The intersection of art and access is an integral part of Imani’s creative journey. She incorporates her love for people Her personal mission is to encourage people to realize their potential, unleash them to stretch their capacity, equip them to activate their gifts and talents, and release them to prosper in their purpose.

Fun Facts: Imani means “faith,” and Tahira means “pure.” Imani chooses to live on the edge of that reality, walking in “Pure Faith,” seeking to push the limits on what’s possible in every situation, creatively, relationally and supernaturally. Imani loves to travel, and has backpacked in several countries in Asia and Europe. 


“A nomad doesn’t find home in a place, a nomad finds home in a people.” – Pastor Keira Smallcombe, VIVE Church.