yesica vera

Yesica is a daughter of Mexican Indigenous immigrant parents who was born and raised here in San Jose, California. They graduated from San José State University with a Bachelors in Child Development with a focus on working with the community. Their journey in StreetCode first began during the pandemic. They found out about StreetCode and became involved first as a community member, volunteering whenever there was a chance. Then as an Instructor, teaching two Spanish classes, working with students to feel confidence and belonging in the tech field. Now, as a Community Engagement Associate, connecting with community members, schools, and organizations to help ensure resources are being accessed by the whole community.

Fun Facts
Yesica enjoys taking the time to do things they love such as making art and spending time watching movies at home, as well as planning events with friends and family.

Yesica’s greatest inspiration has been the women and LGBTQ mentors throughout their life and education, knowing there were people out there who truly sought to see them – like many people of color – thrive, succeed, and find happiness within themselves. They also feel inspired by the StreetCode staff and community every time they see the continuous work and feel the heartfelt support to see each other and oneself to thrive beyond one’s own expectations.