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MacBook-Default Dock

Right at the bottom of your desktop screen, you have all your most-used apps. 

  • Finder: will take you to the recent documents you have opened, your files, downloads, documents, etc. You can use the search bar at the top right corner on Finder to find anything specific. 
  • Launchpad: will show you all the apps you have (the launchpad section will look like the image below), and you can utilize the search bar to look for a specific app (to exit out of this, you can press F3 on your keyboard, which can also be a shortcut to take you to the launchpad or click anywhere on the screen).
  • System Preferences: another way to access your settings is through the dock at the bottom.

  • Customize dock: On your dock, you will see small lines, like the image. When you put your mouse on it, an arrow will pop up, can and you can expand or minimize your dock 
  • Right-click on the line and this little menu. It Will pop up.
    • Position on the screen: you can put your dock at the left, right, or bottom.

How to Customize and Open the Apps on Your Dock

“Double-click” on any of the apps you would like to open. When you want to exit out of that page, simply press the red button at the top left corner.

  • Red: an exit out of the page
  • Yellow: minimize the page or store it in the dock

  • Green: expand the page (you can also manually expand a page by clicking on the corner of any page and drag it out)

App Options

  • Select an app on your Dock. Then, “right-click.” 
  • Right-click any of the apps at the bottom of your dock, and you will get some options. For example,
  • Options: 
    • Keep in Dock: This means to keep your frequently used apps on the doc. 
    • Open at Login: click on this if you want your app to open as soon as you log in. 
    • Show in Finder: this will show you other apps. 
  • Hide: will remove the app from the dock. 
  • Quit: will force quit and app (this will be useful when your app is giving problems). 
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