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MacBook-How to Remove StreetCode's Apple ID and Add Your Apple ID

1.Go to your System Preferences by clicking on the apple in the top left corner, or access it in your dock.

Note: When you are in System Preferences, you might see “Sign in to your Apple ID” which means there is no Apple ID registered on your computer. You can go right ahead and click Sign In and add your Apple ID. If you see Apple ID on the right you have to log out of the StreetCode Apple ID by following the next steps.


2. Click on Apple ID and then click on Overview and then Sign Out.

3. You might be prompted to keep a copy of specific apps; just click Keep a Copy or StreetCode Apple ID password.

4. Once you enter all that information, you will have to enter your Apple ID account (if you want to create an Apple ID, you can take a look at the next segment to show you step by step how to do that), then click Next.

5. You will be asked to enter your MacBook’s login information. You will have to wait a little while, while your account processes all this information. Once that loads you are in your Apple ID!

    1. Username: StreetCode Academy 

    2. Password: streetcode

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