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MacBook-Logging Into Your MacBook

Your login screen will look something like this.

Here, you log in with your given/or created password. At the bottom, you have three settings.


  1. Sleep- When you are not using your mac, you can sleep to save energy. It will not turn it off completely. As soon as you open your laptop, it will be on. 

  2. Restart- Refresh your computer and reboot everything. 

  3. Shut Down- Serves to shut off your computer completely. Useful when your computer is unresponsive or giving technological issues. You also shut off your computer by clicking on the power button on the top right corner.

Desktop Tour

Once you are login to your computer, you will enter your Desktop. Your desktop should look something similar to the image at the bottom!

At the very top of your desktop, you have a toolbar at the top right your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, battery life, time, and the search icon.

On the left side of your toolbar, you have the apple icon and some other tools (we are not going to go much into detail because they are not often used).

Apple Icon

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