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Zoom-Update Zoom

You can update your Zoom app through various forms.

Solution 1:

  1. Go to your Zoom app and click on the colored icon on the top right corner; it might contain the user’s initials.

2. Then, click on Check for Updates, and a tab will appear saying Update Available, which means you have to update the latest version. If you get a different tab that says You are up to date, you do not need to update.

3. Once you click update you will click on Install and wait for installation. 

4. Your macOS will ask for your permission to update and you simply click on Continue and enter your administrator password (usually your login password). Simultaneously click Continue until Zoom begins to install. 

5. Open your app again and click on the colored icon on the top right corner again and click on Check Update to make sure you have no more updates to install. 

Solution 2:

1. Open your Zoom app and click on next to the apple icon on the top left corner and click on it to see a menu pop-up.

2. Click on Check for updates and follow the instructions above (Steps 2-5). 

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