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Zoom-Zoom Toolbar

Zoom Overview

When you first join a Zoom meeting, Zoom will take you to the Zoom room where you can find other participants and yourself. You have access to a toolbar, which helps mimic a meeting if it were in person. The zoom call will look something like this.

Section 1: Settings

  • Here you can check to see more information in regards to your meeting 

    • Zoom link

    • Meeting ID/password

    • Host’s  name 

When you open settings, you can find more information like general, video, audio, share screen, chat, background & filters, recording, profile, statistics, feedback, keyboard shortcuts, and accessibility.

How to access settings: 

  1. If you want to access Zoom settings click on the green logo on the top left corner. 
  2. Then click on the setting icon on the top right corner.

Section 2: Adjust View Options

  • Pick and choose your view perspective during a zoom meeting. 

    • Gallery view: you will be able to see all members at all times 

    • Speaker View: when a person is speaking, the speaker will take over the window and the participant will be on the side.

Section 3: Leave Meeting

  • Click here when you want to leave the meeting

Section 4: Toolbar

The toolbar is located at the bottom 

  • Participant: 
    • When you click on participants you can see the name of the members in your meeting and you can see when they have their camera or audio on/off. 
    • You can also invite other members to your meeting by clicking on the invite and you can also unmute yourself by clicking on unmute me
  • Chat:
    • Chat with everyone on the call or choose to message people privately
  • Send a private message
  1. To send a private message, click on the arrow next to Everyone to expand the menu.

  2. Click on the person you want to message privately

  3. Type message and click enter. 

  4. The message will appear in the chatbox and the word “privately” will appear next to the name. (ex: like the image below)

  • Save Chat
  1. Click on the three horizontal dots next to the file and click on Save Chat.
  2. Messages exchanged during the meeting will be saved as a pdf form on your computer. 
  • Send a File in the chat

    • You can send certain documents through the chatbox like google drive documents, files, etc.
  • Share Screen
    • Share your screen with your audience. To share your screen as a guest, you need to make sure your host has enabled that feature by clicking on Share Screen. 
  • If you get a tab that says you cannot share the screen, ask the host to enable this feature.

  • When you are allowed to share your screen, you can share your Desktop, 

  • current browser, and even use a whiteboard!

  • If you want more information about share screen features, click here (____).

  • Record

    • You also have the ability to record a meeting and rewatch the zoom meeting in the future. 

How to record:

1. Click on the Record feature at the bottom of the toolbar.

2. Then click where you want to record the meeting.

3. Once you pick which one you want to record the meeting will now be recorded and the audience will get an audio message saying “This meeting is now being recorded.”

4. To pause/stop recording click on the option at the bottom or on the top of the Zoom screen to pause/stop recording.

  • Reactions
    • Click on the Reaction button to react to conversations. 

Section 5: Audio & Video Cam

  • Here you can unmute/mute your audio and turn on/off your camera. Just click on the icon and you will be automatically turned off/on the setting. 

  • To learn more about the video and audio settings click here! (—)

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