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Class Type
Start/End Date
April 4, 2022
- May 23, 2022
Held On
Monday @ 4:00PM - 6:00PM
Quarter Offered
Pre-requisite Knowledge
Student Interests​
Software Needed​
Software Provided By StreetCode​
Students in this class learn and apply the basics of robotics through educational block-based code simulations and a theoretical understanding of components functioning behind each robot. At the beginning of the course, students set self-determined goals in these areas and work their way through the course to meet them. Through block-based code, students creatively implement solutions to make their robot paths a reality. Equipped with the fundamentals, they interact with the basics of real-world Python code for a 3D simulation. Students also get the opportunity to take a look at the various types of sensors and wheels that build up the robot.

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