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Driving Question: What are some of the ways that a student can apply their Streetcode coding  lessons in real-life?


So, you have learned the CS fundamentals in previous Streetcode classes. Do you find yourself asking what this knowledge is for? If so, just know that’s the fun part. The choice for its application is entirely up to you! All around us are problems waiting to be solved–everyday puzzles! Solutions can be developed through creativity and critical thinking. What do you want to improve, create, or solve? In this class, students will be able to explore projects that  showcase the possibilities of code. Students will create their own programs to solve everyday dilemmas and apply their own creativity to develop customizable projects of their own, swag 🤓

Class Information

Lead Teacher
Rachel Wong
April 4th - May 23rd​
Day, Time
Wednesday, 4 pm - 6 pm PST​
20 Students, 5 Mentors, 1 Instructor

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