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Innovation for everyone
We bridge the digital divide, empowering communities of color to achieve their full potential by sharing the mindset, skills, and access they need to embrace tech and innovation.

we are A 2021 california nonprofit of the year!

We’re thrilled to announce that we have been named Nonprofit of the Year for California’s 13th Senate District! Thank you Senator Josh Becker for honoring us and spotlighting the work we do to close the digital divide by providing laptops and free courses for our community.

What do we offer?


Becoming an innovator, entrepreneur, or tech professional is a dream that the right mindset makes a reality: you have to believe to achieve. StreetCode teachers and mentors come from the community, showing BIPOC students what success can look like. We decode the language of tech and business so that students can speak about it fluently as they pursue opportunities.


Learning and using new technology is the first step toward tech-literacy and professional advancement. We help adult learners develop basic tech skills, giving them a pathway to better job opportunities and an advantage as applicants. For youth seeking entry to the tech world, we teach relevant, marketable skills in design, coding, and entrepreneurship.


StreetCode removes a major barrier to entry in tech by bridging the gap between our community and Silicon Valley. We teach students how to communicate with people in tech, tech companies, and the tech community so that when we make introductions to industry professionals, students are ready to actively engage and take advantage of their growing network.

local impact,
national reach

Since the founding of StreetCode as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2014, we have been creating a community-based ecosystem that is preparing the next generation to powerfully impact the technology industry. Now our classes are accessible to students across the country.

Students enrolled in programs


Laptops given to Bay Area families





StreetCode is powered by people. We welcome you to join us as a mentor, a donor, or a student. Give the gift of knowledge by spreading the word
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Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns you have regarding classes, Level Up, partnerships, volunteering, donations, or any general issues! Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.