While earning a Sociology degree at Stanford University, Frederick took on the role of Director of External Relations for Stanford Men’s Basketball, where he oversaw marketing and community service initiatives. Keeping close ties with his community, Frederick has partnered with multiple Boys and Girls Club chapters in East Palo Alto, taking on many roles to help uplift students. Growing up in Northwest Pasadena—a mirror image of East Palo Alto with its underserved community bordered by wealth, untapped intellectual vitality, and one of the world’s top institutions, CalTech, right in its backyard—Frederick understands firsthand the challenges faced by marginalized groups. He has a strong desire to create the changes needed to propel the greatness that lies within the community. Because of this, East Palo Alto holds a special place in his heart.  Frederick currently oversees all production and execution of the Digital content that StreetCode offers.

Fun Facts
Utilizing his passion for music, Frederick taught himself how to play piano at age 12. Continuing to harness that gift, he created the first record label at Stanford University and assisted in the production of recording artist Jidenna’s first public record.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. –Steve Jobs