Kyle is from East Palo Alto, born and raised! He graduated from the University of San Diego ‘18 with a BA in Communication Studies with a minor in Marketing. He joined StreetCode Academy in Fall of 2018 because he saw something unique, powerful and essential happening in his hometown of East Palo Alto for the people and community. When he graduated, he sought out to find not only opportunities for himself, but to see others prosper and win in their opportunities as well. Excited about helping people realize their passions that can lead to their personal fulfillment, economic empowerment, and financial freedom, he saw StreetCode Academy at the forefront of that mission specifically in technology and entrepreneurship within the often overlooked community of East Palo Alto. His role at StreetCode Academy is to engage the community for people to see and understand the immense possibilities that await at StreetCode and within themselves as creators and owners. As a part of the Partnerships Team at StreetCode, he also networks with partners and orgs to advocate on behalf of the community in increasing the amount and different types of opportunities and resources available to StreetCode and greater communities to take full advantage of in their creative journey.

Fun Facts
Kyle loves to create! He loves to play basketball, go fishing, and create art.

Kyle’s inspiration comes from his ancestors, Mansa Musa, Malcolm X, Dick Gregory, Bob Marley, Dr. Sebi, Kobe Bryant, and Aaron Mcgruder (Creator of The Boondocks) to name a few.